Women’s Health- How many calories in a banana?


Want to lose 5 pounds in one week? But on the other hand, you are the banana lover? Without the elimination of high-calorie foods and fruits, it is impossible to achieve the specific weight loss goal. So I have decided to give you some information about how many calories in a banana? So you should know how many bananas a person should take for losing weight. Let’s talk about how it will help us in losing weight.


Blend of Banana calories and weight-loss;

Some people think that bananas are high in calories, so it is missing fit for their weight-loss plan. But in reality, it is not like that. One large calorie in a banana contains 121 calories; medium has 105 calories, and small has only 90 calories. Apart from calories, bananas are best in regards to providing fiber, potassium, nutrition, and vitamin B6.

Let me elaborate on nutrition’s ratio of bananas. It contains 4 grams of dietary fiber, 27 grams of carbohydrates, 14 grams’ sugar, 0 cholesterol, and 105 calories. According to the latest research grown-up men and women both have to take 25 grams’ fiber daily to meet up daily nutritional needs. To cover up the fiber intake, you can take other fruits like raspberries and watermelon. Sugar percentage is very low in it.

Trainer clarification;

If your trainer told you that bananas are not good for you, then don’t believe in him. It is fully packed with potassium, healthy carbohydrate, and fibers. Some people criticized the consumption of bananas because of the high glycemic index (GI). But the actual GI scale in the banana is very low like 55, which doesn’t increase your blood sugar.

Potassium occurrence;

If you are not getting potassium in your diet, then you should add banana Potassium for the maintenance of the body’s water and protection against high blood pressure. You may not know that potassium is very important for muscle growth and better functioning of the nerve and brain. Just like the fiber, Adults and teenagers need to take 4,700 mg potassium daily. When we talk about the consumption of fiber in children, it is 3,000 mg, on a daily basis.

Benefits of banana;

Apart from the fact that how many calories are in a banana, let’s discuss its benefits. Bananas have the carbohydrate, which keeps you energetic during the workout and rest of the day. You just need to eat a banana an hour before exercise to deliver glucose to your bloodstream. It would be used by the muscles for energy. Nutrition considers Banana as the best and seasonal post-workout snack.

To conclude, despite the calories in a banana, you can add bananas into your low diet plan to cover up the daily nutrition amount. All these benefits make bananas an ideal snack for those people who want to add colorful things to your diet. Round cardboard gift boxes are the best way of attracting customers to the product and to make them stand out from the competitors.


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