Window Clings Or The Window Decals – Which One To Choose

Window Decals

People are really very confused when it comes to window coverage. Some are focusing towards decals and others have been associated with clings. Whether you have a new product to advertise this week or just won an award for display, these decals and clings will be your best shot to do it elegantly. 

These window clings are now catching the eyes of every passing customer and will convey the key information within a fraction of second. But, which one will you get for your store? Do you think cling is the right option for you or you just want the decals to be on the safer side? Learning their differences along with the budget changes can help present quality results.

The beauty of window cling:

There are various window clings available in the market these days. Going for the best choice over here is crucial. But, with some experienced help by your side, you can get along with the best clings possible. Now why choose clings over decal? Learning about the pros can help answering your queries.

  • If you are looking for temporary signs for award information or limited sales, cling is the one for you. These options are too easy to remove and replace. They are great for temporary signs and you can leave them up for a day, week or even a month.
  • You can use, apply and adjust the clings in a rather easy manner.  No need to worry about crooked sign placement anymore! No need to change store’s visuals as well.
  • You can stick the clings onto metal, glass or on some plastic surfaces. It uses static electricity to cling on the surface. So, you don’t have to deal with messy adhesives anymore while cleaning the windows.
  • As clings are manufactured using durable plastic film, you can reuse them multiple times. So, if you want to move the cling from one window to another, you can do that easily without leaving any residue behind.

The power of window decals:

From the points mentioned above, there are various positive sides related to window clings. Now, you need to focus on the decals for a change. Why do people keep decal as another option for low costing advertisement? Let’s find out the reasons together.

  • Decals are larger graphic stickers to last on windows for a long time. They are primarily made using vinyl materials and can stick on glass, plastic, wooden or metallic surfaces.
  • The sales that you get from displaying these signs will hike up by 20%, according to the latest marketing reports.
  • Another report states that the signs, which were part of drawing customers’ attention, enhance the purchase rates by 70%.
  • However, the decals will leave behind sticky residues and can’t be easily removed from one place to move to another location.
  • Most of these decals are designed for one-time use. So, once placed on a surface, it will remain over there for long.

For permanent advertising, window decals are the best. But for temporary signage with more flexibility, no one can beat window cling. 


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