Walking Your Dog – Use These 4 Tips for a Better Experience


The joy of being out there while walking your dog in an environment full of fresh air and smelling those pleasing smells is an enriching experience. Walking a dog is not only good for your furry friend but also healthy for you. Having said that, walking a dog can be a tedious task, particularly when the dog hasn’t received proper training.

But regularly walking your dog is one of the best ways to impart initial training and ensure they behave properly. If they keep locked inside the home, you may soon discover signs of behavioral problems like aggression or destructiveness. The benefits of walking your dog are many, and once you realize them, it becomes a joyous experience rather than another chore added to your already long list of responsibilities.

PetCareRx can be your ideal partner in making the walking experience more memorable. How? No matter whether you need a perfect-sized leash, food products for different breeds, toys, and other fun items, PetCareRX has got everything covered.

Once you figure out what’s essential, you’ll surely spend a happy time with your furry friend – playing with them, exercising together, and enjoying the outdoor vibes all the once.

Find a Great Leash

Before you head out to walk the dog, you should find a leash that’s both comfortable for you and your four-legged friend.

For outdoor walks, leashes are essential as they keep your dog safe and under control. High durability is the primary feature of many leashes, which allows you to restrain your dog if required and is light enough for you to easily carry or store when not in use.

Moreover, most leashes have an adjustable length feature, which enables you to decide different lengths based on the walking activity. For example, in a busy park, you’ll need to keep your pet close by while you can stretch the leash if you’re out in a less-crowded place.

Consider material composition before buying a leash. This is because leashes are made of various materials; some are stronger than others, and some can even hurt your hand if they get wet or get caught up on something while being pulled along.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Weather is among the essential things to look for before taking your dog for a walk. The right weather can be a deciding factor, which can improve or ruin the collective experience of you and your dog outdoors.

Dogs feel uncomfortable in both extreme heat as well as extreme cold. If either is prevailing outside, you should not force too much exercise, as this will cause your dog to heavily pant before you reach home.

Also, your furry friend can get sick if they remain too long in the hot temperatures. Similar to humans, they have internal temperature regulators that constantly adjust their internal temperature as per the external conditions. Though when these regulators feel burdened by extreme high temperatures, they may be unable to regulate themselves – leaving your friend at risk for illness.

Thus, walking your dog in the right weather may prove to be healthy for both of you, benefitting society as a whole.

Bring Water and Treats

It’s always a good idea to keep a water bowl and some treats handy while walking your dogs outside. As humans, water is equally essential for your pet’s health as it provides much-needed hydration. Also, dogs may require some extra water or treats if they’re working hard or getting hot in the sun. Hence, always take some extra amount of water with you.

Treats serve entertainment purposes during outdoor walks, particularly for dogs who like to walk long distances and often need something to occupy them during the walk.

If the treats aren’t available currently, you can use verbal praise or petting as a way to reward your dog. But make sure this should be the rarest case because treats provide the required nutrition for dogs that may not eat enough during the day due to the reasons like activity level or breed type.

Establish a Walking Routine

Set up a walking routine if you really want your pet to enjoy the outdoor time. Establishing a routine before and after you put on a leash will slowly inculcate the habits in your dogs, which will be based on discipline and time. Making a routine could also mean allowing him to take treats, letting him sniff around, and ensuring he drinks a lot of water.

If your daily routine allows you, give your dog some warm-up exercise before you take him for a walk or run. This will ensure they remain active during outdoor time – allowing both entities to bond well over walking.

Having the constant timing and walking route will allow you and your dog to better anticipate what comes next every time you both step outside together. Whenever possible, try and stick to the same route at around the same time every day, so that your dog gets familiar with all of the sights, sounds, and smells of the environment – which makes them more comfortable in new situations where they haven’t seen these things yet.

Lastly, it’s not incorrect to say walking your dog provides health benefits that translate to both mental and physical aspects, reinforcing the importance of walking your dog. Moreover, these benefits slowly extend to society, state, country, and then to the world as well. 


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