Meet the Steve Jobs of the tops pet Industry


We have all seen his pet at some point in our lives. Maybe it’s your pet who leaped over your shoulder when you turned around or maybe it’s that cute dog who is just resting on your shoulder. Have you ever wondered why someone might choose to put their dog on the shoulder – especially if its not their own? Well, what if we could harness this intuition and turn it into a virtual pet?. This would be cool. Imagine how much easier working with a virtual pet would be. With this technology we could use our own instincts about how to work with pets (we’d probably want to) and incorporate them into our daily lives as well with us being able to easily track where our dog is.

The third article in the series of posts designed to teach you how to build a pet. This series will focus on how to keep your pets healthy and well-behaved through the use of aggression management. While this is one of the simplest and loveliest reasons why I write, you will want to take advantage of this opportunity to learn some of the more basic principles that can help you with building an animal’s happiness.

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