Top 10 Smartest Characters In Video Games.


Number 10: Deckard Cain 

Do you want to know something about angels, or demons, or anything arcane? Well, I guess you should stay awhile and listen. Seriously though, even though most of us know Deckard as that old dude who identifies items, he’s insanely smart like Mesa prime build in Warframe. He knows just about everything there is to know about the arcane, and what’s more, is he can use this knowledge to help others towards success. What a guy. 

Number 9: Light Yagami from Death Note

I know what you’re thinking: Death Note was a show, not a game! Well, you’re WRONG, there were Death Note games too! You are an idiot! As I’m sure you know by now, with Death Note being so huge, Light Yagami is the super-smart protagonist of the series. He quickly uses the power of the Death Note to essentially take over the world, thinking many steps ahead of most people, even seasoned investigators. Yeah, I know, there are probably smarter characters out there, but there’s always a smarter character, and I wanted people to know about the Death Note game. It’s good. Sorry, not sorry. 

Number 8: Winston from Overwatch

Winston is a genetically-engineered gorilla with superintelligence and one of the best funny steam names. He uses these extra smarts to help humans. He’s made some pretty awesome inventions, not the least impressive being Tracer’s Chronal Accelerator to fix her chronal disassociation. With his inventions powering up both himself and his Overwatch allies, it’s pretty safe to say that Winston’s one smart monkey. Sorry, ape, I meant ape. 

Number 7: Dr Light from Mega man

Dr Light is a world-renowned scientist and creator of the famous Mega Man. He’s incredibly talented, building two insanely realistic AIs in the form of Rock and Roll, later changing Rock from lab assistant to fighting robot. You know he did a good job at simulating life when I played hours of Mega man 64 and had no idea he was a robot. Though he was just a guy in a suit. Granted I was like 8, and terrible at videogames so I barely made it past the introduction before giving the rental back.

Number 6: Dr Robotnik from Sonic 

Considering how much we talk about Sonic on this channel, it’s probably no surprise to include Egg man on this list. But really, many people who don’t know sonic well probably don’t realize how damn smart the guy is. Because he looks dumb. However, fans of this channel or Sonic in general will know that Egg man is an excellent inventor, making robots and doomsday bombs and even changing living beings into robots. Not to mention he has a 300 IQ. 

Number 5: Viktor from League of Legends 

Let’s finish off the inventors with the machine Herald himself. Viktor is probably the smartest character in the League. After discovering a passion for invention and building, Viktor began spending his work on his work, shunning any other aspect of life. He did so much, even building my favourite support ever, Blitz crank. After deciding that humans are weak, he improved himself with technology and went on to Evolve, other people to reduce human inefficiency. All this is to say that he’s super smart and rather like the Cybermen from Doctor Who. 

Number 4: Batman 

While Batman may not be the smartest being in all comics, he’s probably got the biggest following of people calling him smart. And he is. Not only does he have a brilliantly inventive mind, but he can strategize and sleuth better than anyone. I know the fanboys can go a bit far, but Bruce is brainier than the average bat. 

Number 3: GLADOS

Glados, or Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, is the villain from the Portal games. She’s a personality core that can be plugged into the central mainframe to control the testing facilities. She’s an advanced artificial intelligence, and you know what they say about computers… they’re, like, smart and stuff! Plus, she has the smarts to take over a scientific facility, she’s even teaching about Fusion for NASA! Finally, she’s HELPING humans. 

Number 2: Cortana 

Yep, this may have been the first thought of many you, and for a good reason. Cortana, like other AIs, is crazy smart, able to call upon huge amounts of information. She also can pick up information very quickly, arguably understanding Covenant technology better than the Covenant themselves. Let’s be real; without her, Master Chief would be Covenant poop by now. 

Number 1: Alakazam 

Yep. Alakazam. Yep, talking about Pokemon. The one that says its name and bend spoons. Do you know why? Guess Alakazam’s IQ. Go on, guess. YOU’RE WRONG! It’s over 5000. Don’t worry; I won’t make a DragonballZ reference. But holy crap, how torturous an existence would it be to be so incredibly smart, and yet spend all your time either in a little ball, or fighting other Pokemon just because some child with a puny intellect wants you to. Pokemon is kind of messed up.


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