The Importance of Pets in Our Lives.


Pets do bring a lot of joy to people’s lives without much effort. They teach us to enjoy each and every moment. A non-pet owner cannot understand the bond between a person and his pet shares. If you are writing a nursing dissertation on the importance of pets or related to pet and you don’t know how to do it as you don’t own a pet, then you opt for any dissertation writing services as they will help you understand the importance and benefits of owning pets, a few of which are as follows:

Increases “HAPPY” Hormones In Humans

Did you know that petting your loving pet for over 15 minutes increases hormones like- prolactin, oxytocin, and serotonin, which are known as natural ‘feel good’ hormones?

It also reduces the stress hormones known as cortisol. It not only makes the pet feel loved but also makes the owner’s body into a relaxed state by reducing the blood pressure by 10% too. Taking your pet for a walk is an opportunity for you to get fresh air and to play around with your four limb friends.

Provide You With Emotional Support 

As you know, a human may be demanding, but animals can’t be. What they need is food, shelter, and affection in-return; they offer unconditional love to their owner accompanied by companionship and complete loyalty as they await you to return back home to play with them. They provide you with complete emotional support as they listen to all your chatter and what makes the owner happy in the tough time is when they make consoling sounds to cheer you up. Animals have a calming effect on humans as their gestures speak according to their owner’s mood. They have different ways to console and cheer them, such as licking hands, snuggling when you are sad or depressed. 

Banish The Blues And Make You Feel Loved

Depression is another potentially crippling disorder that can be improved by the possession of a pet. Therapists also suggest pets for people coping with depression. The act of caring for a pet that is totally dependent on its human being gives a patient incentive to act outside of their illness to take care of their pet. The unconditional love offered to her human being by the pet can actually be the best treatment for depression.

Owing to a pet, therefore, give you a reason and purpose to live and love yourself. When nobody was there to believe in you or rejected being with you, they were the sole companion who supported you, loved you, and accepted you the way you are. They help to gain a sense of responsibility.

Can Detect Cancer And Can Help You Recover

Are you aware that certain species of dogs are capable of detecting chronic disease like cancer in humans? Studies show that a few dog owners claimed that their pet saved their life after they paid attention to their certain behavior or pointing at a certain area by licking, sniffing, or pawing a tumor concealed under the skin. Apart from this, animals are trained and used to help patients recover through speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical rehabilitation. 

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Companion For Children

Children love animals, which is why they always ask their parents to get them one. But rather than refusing those, the parents should seek advantage of this opportunity to teach their young ones about being responsible and certain skills. Especially for single-parent families, the child gets a companion more like a sibling. Family events are incomplete without them, and they became the most loveable and adorable members of the family. Getting a pet for your only child will make them learn skills like- cleaning, caring, sharing, grooming, teaching, involving, and empathic skills. 

Keep You Social

Social networks that are built on the basis of common beliefs regarding animal care can contribute to increased human-human contact as well as activities involving pets. Walking a dog can get people out of private spaces that can be insulated and into public areas where encounters with neighbors and other walkers are likely.

Stay Fit And Enjoy Healthy Lifestyle With A Pet

Studies have shown that people with pets prefer to exercise more than non-pet owners. And when they’re out, pet owners are found to be more social, with a greater ability to escape feelings of loneliness and isolation. This is true of people of any age, but it is particularly true of elderly pet owners. And there is evidence that commitment to pets is good for human health and helps to create a community. The relationship between humans and animals is not only good for human health, but it can also help to create a community. People with pets also notice that the interactions with their companion animals allow relations with other people.


Therefore it can be said that owning a pet brings positive changes to a human’s life. They not only stay fit or happy; rather, a pet teaches us a lot of things without a word. They are the only member, companion, or friend to some, and for others, they are the only reason to live. Pets not only keep a person physically healthy but also maintains inner and mental peace. There are many complex topics related to the benefits of owning a pet or the importance of them; opt for nursing dissertation help if you are having trouble with your dissertation.


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