The 8 different types of websites and how to design them.


In today’s digital era, there are billions of websites online, all competing with each other, to seek people’s attention.  As a designer, you should be familiar with all different types of websites. This allows you to build the precise format for each brand and its customer base.

Here are eight of the most popular types of websites you’ll see around the web. Every kind of website has certain goals that are set to achieve best practices. What will be your website, let’s find out? Whether you are a newbie to web development or have the experience, this article will surely help you.  Let’s take a deep dive into this categorizing and have comprehensive information about it.

Magazine websites – A magazine website covers articles, photographs, and videos that are informative and educational. In the past few years, the magazine industry has transformed from a print-only platform to a digital format. This magazine website works well for informational sites, especially academies and organizations publications. 

If you are considering creating a magazine site, start by creating infrastructure. Users should see a parallel layout regardless of what landed on the homepage, and each article should have a similar layout and navigation. Make sure your website should be responsive, to ensure that your content is easily readable on both desktop and smartphones. 

E-commerce websites – An e-commerce website is an online shopping destination where people can buy products or services from companies. The kinds of e-commerce websites have elements such as product pages that lead directly to the checkout page to process payment, or the item can be placed in a virtual shopping cart. If you are learning to create a website for your business and plan to sell your products through the site, then an e-commerce website is the one for you. Make sure you include all necessary shopping features in your website such as inventory display, a shopping cart, and a payment gateway to make sales. 

When building an eCommerce website, make sure to comprise some precise steps such as an SSL certificate so customers can pay securely. You can use a cost-effective or free platform like WordPress and WooCommerce, Squarespace for example. 

Blog websites – Blog has been the most preferred and preferred choice of websites for individuals. Nowadays, blogging has been at high tide and is incredibly well known. Blogs are also a great option for exhibiting your style, sharing your favourite recipes, or showcasing your hobbies, or many others. However, a blog can be cumbersome for small corporations. The most common way to build a blog is by utilizing a CMS (Content Management System). Make sure you add quality content, it improves the overall credibility of a blog. 

Portfolio websites – A portfolio website gives artistic professionals space to display their finest work. These websites not only make money but a great platform to convey their own ideas and opinions to the world. It is perfect for artists, writers, designers, photographers, filmmakers, and more. As you build a portfolio, focus on making sorts of items and highlighting the finest work from each sort. A portfolio site is a perfect website to make, it allows you to contact potential employers or clients, so examples so that you can get hired quickly.

The “Contact” or “Hire Me” page is also often composed so that there is an easy way to contact you about possible work. A portfolio website is more creative by nature, so it is the place to try exclusive layouts and add in interesting features.

Social media websites – There are about billions of people on social media with dozens of diverse platforms available such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and more. These websites are typically created for persons to spread thoughts, pictures or ideas, or connect with others to suit a precise subject. Social media is making a substantial impact in every domain. Use the same logo and colour options of your brand on a social media website. When it comes to content, focus on things that have a high potential of sharing on social media, like entertaining videos, infographics, memes, in-depth reports, and discount offers. 

Non-profit/ NGO websites – Non-profit types of websites are proposed to deliver information to people as well as a way to donate to people. A non-profit website is the easiest way for many potential donors to donate. It is the first place many individuals look to for a charity and if they want to support it. If you are considering starting a non-profit firm, then this website matches perfectly with your needs. You can promote projects that your firm tackles, encourage followers to take action and to accept donations. An effective non-profit type of website has an impeccable sales copy. This should really entice users to donate.

Landing pages – A landing page is mostly used for a marketing campaign that motivates guests to take precise action.  Landing page content should be brief and precise. It also includes a button call-to-action (CTA) by which you can motivate a user to take action. Allow a lot of white space around your CTA so it can draw more attention. All elements on the page should drive the buyer through a precise journey, meaning they have become a potential lead. Use relevant, trendy pictures and add a bit of a 3D effect to enhance the user experience and appearance of the website. 

Business/ Corporate Websites – A business site is any site that is devoted to representing a specific business. Every company should have a site there, whether big or small. This is the need of this modern world. A potential customer will search your business for more data, they will find it from a site. Commercial websites do not sell directly but encourage visitors to contact for more information. Make website design effective; You should choose the colour scheme, fonts, design, style, and other elements wisely.  Business websites are the face of the brand, any mistake makes the firm less professional or legitimate.

Final words

With the types of websites stated above, we hope that you will get comprehensive information, which will help you select the right one for your professional. It is significant to think about what kind of website you select to build and make sure that you design it based on the specific goals that you have in mind. Not just start-ups, but established companies also have the benefit of selecting the type of website that matches them perfectly. Good design is much more than simply a pleasing look, but also enhances user engagement and is targeted towards the requirements of the site’s viewing audience.


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