Pour on the Cheer! Unique Valentine Day Gifts for Antique Lovers.


It is fun and exciting when you have to select and present a gift to your close one. The excitement in selecting a present gets doubled for you when you have to do it for the one, antique lover. You can easily take your steps forward when you know what old things they like. Go through this write-up to choose a Valentine’s Day gift if you have no idea what gift you should present to the antique lover in your life. The gift ideas are as follows:  

Miller’s Antiques Encyclopedia

An antique lover doesn’t know all the antique items present in this world. You can help such a person know more antique items by presenting this encyclopedia. It, as a reference book, contains data on almost every type of decorative arts. The availability of silver and porcelain illustration makes this encyclopedia giddy. First published in the late 1990s, the current one is the fifth edition and is edited by Judith Miller.

American Pickers Guide to Picking

Has one of the antique lovers in your life missed watching American Pickers on the History channel? If yes, opt to buy and present American Pickers Guide to him/her. Being a fun and practical guide, it is a great read for antique lovers. It helps them to find the most valuable things of the past and do negotiations while buying the one of their choice.

Antique Smoking Pipes 

If you know the antique lover of your life likes smoking pipes, especially the pipes of the old designs, presenting Morgan Pipes to him/her will be an excellent idea for you. This present will make him/her think how much you care about his/her feelings. With study designs and modern sensibility, these pipes will give an unforgettable smoking experience each time of their smoking. Designed by Chris Morgan and made in Italy, these pipes are the one that is highly demanded for quality at reasonable prices. 

Duck Decoys

You have come to know that your friends, colleagues, or relatives can’t have ducks due to lack of a pool or pond in their residential compound in spite of their love for ducks. Think of helping such a person in your life by presenting duck decoys to him/her on a special day such as Valentine’s Day. The recipient can place your present duck decoys as a decorative item in his/her bedroom, dining hall, or living room. With this gift, you can help him/her to have a closeness to his/her favourite bird, ducks.

Vintage Romantic Couple Canvas Painting 

Is the antique lover the love of your life? If yes, you can think of presenting Vintage Romantic Couple Canvas Wall Painting to feed his/her hunger for old things and express your love to him/her. The painting has a demonstration of a romantic couple, engaged with each other under an umbrella on the street. This depiction can help him/her remember the days when you met him/her in early days, before getting married to him/her. With this present, you can make him/her feel being with you even if you are away from him/her at that moment.

Membership to a historical society or a community museum 

By buying and presenting a membership to a historical society or a community museum will help the antique lover in your life to feed his/her hunger for the old things of the past. With this card, you can explain the things that he/she will do while being at a historical society, club, or community museum. he/she will find it a great help for his/her antique love from you.

Complete Jewelry Polishing Kit   

Does the antique lover in your life love collecting old jewelry items? If yes, think of presenting this kit. It contains a cloth, polishing brush, and the tools to clean antique jewelry pieces. In simple words, this kit has everything needed for keeping vintage jewelry items clean and maintained.

ConclusionProducing an extraordinary gift to an antique lover is typically difficult. This write-up has suggested a few gift items that you can select for gifting to an antique lover in your network.   


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