How to Explain pet photography contest 2015 to Your Boss


It’s a little over a week until the 2015 Pet Photography Contest is in full swing. Pet photographer Janae Gress was recently in the news for the cover of an issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine, which featured her portrait of a tiger-striped tuxedo cat. There are so many wonderful cats out there, and I’m sure many of you have had the honor of photographing a kitty.

As usual, I love seeing pet photos. While this year’s contest is a little different, Janae Gress is one of the top pets in the world. She’s also a talented photographer, and the magazine’s story on her was simply fantastic. I think it was the photo of the tuxedo cat that really hit home with me. I’ve seen photos like this a million times, but it’s always hard to believe it’s really a tiger-striped cat.

I was also really pleased to see the other category that Im sure many of you have had the pleasure of photographing: pet photos of your pets. The contest is open to all pet photographers, so just take a few moments to take a photo of your best pet. You can see the top entries here.

The contest is now open and you have until June 14th to enter.

It’s not quite clear what the contest is for, but I can tell you that I, and many other dog-lovers, have pet photography contests going on, and that I’ve been participating for years. So even though the contest just launched this year, I’m sure a lot of you are participating as well.

As with all contest entries, you will be judged on your creativity, your ability to create interesting images, and your ability to capture the unique image of your pet. The winner of the Pet Photography Contest 2015 will receive a free pet book with two free pet prints.

The pet book that the winner will receive is called “The Best of Pet Photography”. In it, they will find the top ten images of their pet’s life, along with a few great dog-centric photos. The two prints will be the ones I used to create the pet book.

The finalist will receive a free pet book with two free pet prints. These prints are the ones I used to create the dog book. These two prints are two of my favorite prints of mine.

The Pet Photography contest will be held on my website on March 7th. It’s very important to remember that the contest will be open to everyone, not just me or you. So please, please, please make sure to check out the website, and to check your email for the info.

I’m really happy to announce that the official pet photography contest has been added to my website and is now the official start for this year’s contest. All you have to do is enter your pet’s name and picture into the contest. The pet book will be the only thing you need to win.

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