my pet chicken


My pet chicken is my first pet that I have ever owned. I have always had chickens since I was a child, but they were domesticated and not a very good friend to me. I have a very large backyard and a family friend who is a farmer who owns chickens, so I have had chickens all my life.

As a pet chicken, your friend is trying to help you out. I mean, I would give anything to see my chicken in a cage again. The chicken is a very intelligent, funny, sweet, cheerful, and loyal bird that loves to cuddle and interact with its human like the very best of friends. It has a very cute and sweet personality that makes it all the more appealing.

The chicken is a very smart creature. He can read your mind and knows what you are thinking. He knows that you are excited about his latest trip to the pet store, and he knows when you are bored because he knows you are looking at his shoes. He also knows when you are sad because he knows how you feel. He has the most lovely and endearing personality.

I think this is one of the best things about the chicken is the way he interacts with his human, his owner, who calls him by her pet name, “cuddle.” He makes it seem as if he is a lot like a human and that he can be just as expressive. He just seems so much more like a human. He has a very human face, but his face has a lot of intelligence and a lot of emotion.

It’s a little bit of both, but he has the most adorable eyes and his lips are so close to his mouth. He also has a beautiful face. When I ask him to get a bit more cheeky, he says, “Please. Please.” And then he is able to say, “Thank you.” Just a little bit like this, so I get the feeling that this is a really interesting, very human, pretty smile.

I think this is the only part that really makes him a little bit human. I really love that he has a very human face, but he’s also able to have a human voice. I think that makes him, more or less, a little bit more human.

He does however, have a little bit of a hard time with the chicken. I think it’s because he is a cat and his owner is trying to get him to do the chicken thing. He also seems to have a little bit of a hard time with the chicken. He can’t just sit on his chest and be a cat, he has to give it some instructions. So he says, Please. Please. And then he says, Thank you.

I would love to know how he feels about being a cat.

I think our pet cat (named Chicken) is a little bit too human for his own good and I think he gets a little bit of an attitude with it. Because he is an animal, its not something he wants to get too involved with. But if you are that worried, just ask him.

I am a cat person. I love cats and I love the idea of having a pet chicken. I would love to have him for my own. But I don’t think he likes me, or if he does, its not something he wants to put on the site.

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