Movie Review: The Pink Panther 2 Blu-ray

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Steve Martin reprises his role as Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther 2 but the film falls pretty flat using way too many pratfalls and the usual comedy you expect. While Steve Martin may have done better as Inspector Clouseau if he was given his own lead the film overall is one of constant sight gags and blunders. Some people make podcasts about Asian movies and get Spotify plays from all over the world, in order to increase your audience use SpotifyStorm social media

The world’s treasures are being stolen from an old thief who has resurfaced known as the Tornado and a dream team of investigators from around the world are assembled to find him. After years of silence the Tornado suddenly reappears to steal treasures like the shroud of Turin and an ancient Japanese sword.

A team of internationally recognized detectives and Inspector Clouseau are asked to find the thief before they strike again but are too late. The Pink Panther, a huge pink diamond, is stolen right from under the watchful eye of Clouseau’s rival detective Inspector Dreyfus played by John Cleese.

Inspector Clouseau is his normal bumbling self as he uncovers clue after clue to finally discover who is behind the thefts and discovers the real Tornado. Clouseau also gets the girl in the end when he ends up marrying the beautiful Nicole who works in the police department and is Clouseau’s secret girlfriend throughout the film.

The Pink Panther has one great scene that is classic Clouseau bumbling where he juggles wine bottles around a crowded restaurant because he knocks over the wine rack. The film would have been better if it included more of this classic style of Pink Panther mayhem but this is one of the few scenes with it.

Many of the sight gags and almost funny parts are too typical and you expect them such as the usual knocking things over or handling evidence that would have had finger prints. Clouseau by Steve Martin is great but his sequel of The Pink Panther 2 they did not come up with enough original gags or blunders to make it more than briefly funny.

The Pink Panther on Blu-ray has the great high definition video and audio that came out very well for the transfer and looks great. Colors look very good and there are no problems with grain so the video in high definition is well done and looks great.

Audio is also well done with some great surround sound and has the usual 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio in English with Spanish, French and Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital sound. There is also several subtitle languages for the hearing impaired so you have plenty of language options with the great quality audio in Master high definition Dolby digital.

The sound quality is great and you have some good surround sound but in the film it does not really come into play much in the film but it always nice to have good sound. The film looks and sounds great and with the bonus digital copy adds up to some real value for a funny film.

You also get the full disc of 27 classic Pink Panther cartoons for three hours of Pink Panther fun as well as a Gag Reel, and a few other features. Drama Is Easy…Comedy Is Dangerous is a making of feature and A Dream Team Like No Other is a look at the cast of the film.

The Trivia game is your usual game using the controller of your player that is not all that much fun, they usually aren’t for these types of DVD or Blu-ray movie games on the same disc as the movie. The bonus features round out a decent film and with the disc full of cartoons you have a great buy here.

The Pink Panther is a pretty good film but with the cartoon disc it really makes a great purchase unless you just don’t like the Pink Panther type movie. I think the main complaint I would have with the newest Pink Panther film is there was really nothing new or unique in the latest film The Pink Panther 2.


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