In the summer of 2021, best places to visit in Europe


We asked our readers a little while ago what they wanted to know and learn. You schedule your summer holidays and ask what are Europe’s best places to visit?

What should I include in this summer or think about it?

We love Europe and we’ve been visiting the best European destinations in summer and winter in the old continent.

Best places to visit Europe in SummerWe ourselves are Europeans, lived in many places!

This is not to suggest, however, that we know anything. No way. There is no way. We also love to learn more, explore more, and discover the smallest mountain villages. So much needs to be learned.

We are keen to share with you 21 of the best European destinations for this summer 2021 following our journeys, and the tales of our friends who actually visited places on our bucket list.

There is a good deal to explore and discover from Europe’s southernmost point, Scandinavia, Lisbon, and Porto to Moscow.

1. Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes and indeed all the Greek Islands are regarded as a great summer destination in Europe!

You can either enter a famous nightlife or just hang out and go to bed early the next day on the beach.

Don’t miss the meal, you’d regret it anyway!

Make sure you’re also heading out of town. There are several corners to discover the island. So hit the road and take your bicycle, scooter or rent a car. Discover Cars here directly search rates.

2. Santorini, Greece

Everyone is going to be jealous of Santorini’s sunset pictures! That’s why we added the Glam factor for Instagram!

It’s better to linger on this island than to take a one day tour, regarded as one of Greece’s most beautiful islands.

If you leave the island, visitors can feel like in the clouds. Ensure that in Santorini you rent a car. With Discover Cars, we still compare car rentals. However, make it a little one. You’ll be happy since there are narrow streets. Prices start at about 11 € per day for a low-cost car rental.

It is time to find a comfortable terrace and enjoy Greek food at the magical sunset.

Both trips to Rhodes and Santorini are recommended. For your epic European summer, both islands give everything you like. You can also make day trips from here to smaller islands.

3. Interlaken, Switzerland

It’s a color explosion here, something we did not expect so beautiful personally!

Interlaken is also one of the best places to visit in summer (and winter) in Europe!

By train, bus and your own car, you can get to Interlaken. Our car parked in the middle of Villa Sonnenhof directly opposite the Backpackers.

I strongly recommend that you rent a car to get around Switzerland. In some cases, a train is simply magnificent, but the car is the cheapest way to get around when traveling with more than 1 person.

4. Ghent, Belgium

In Europe, Ghent is a true secret gem.

Bruges and Brussels are Belgium’s popular spots, and they are eclipsing Ghent.

Ghent’s architecture, canals, and student atmosphere fill the city, we believe. The cities of Ghent are more lively.

Let the great crowds of tourists go to neighboring Bruges and enjoy a European gem.

Ghent is especially stunning during the night. Dine and hike through the canals at night. Have dinner. The lights of the main attractions are switched off at midnight, as in many European destinations.

5. London

London, at least once in its life, is a dynamic city that everyone must visit.

Sights, events, interactions,… it’s evolving constantly. It’s a true classic. I believe that London, Europe’s biggest city, and as big as New York, has Everything.

Theater, musicals, all kinds of worldwide food scene, sports, major events, street arts, architecture, museums,… List is infinite! List is endless!

London’s enormous. It is best to read this comprehensive guide to remain in London.

This encompasses both districts and accommodation forms.

Returning to my recommendations: Palmers Lodge is situated in an old Victorian building. You can feel at home in a real UK.

Hillspring’s Palmers Lodge was an ancient police academy.

It has now become a shop hostel with cosy, individual bedding. Both 5-star hostels are located very close to the metro station, the ideal way to travel around town.


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