The Dominant Animal

Human Evolution and the Environment


Essay Questions, Class Discussion Questions, and Paper Topics

For each of the book’s chapters, we have supplied a mix of questions to encourage students to consider major points made in The Dominant Animal, to provide topics for discussion, and to provide possible paper topics and the basis for essay questions on exams (open book or not). Some of the questions are designed not to have “answers”; they could be used for class discussion (or as paper topics) to help students explore their own views—and the views of others—on various topics addressed in the book.

Multiple-Choice Questions

For each chapter, there are also 10 multiple-choice questions, except for chapter 13 (“Altering the Global Atmosphere”), for which there are 15. In total, there are 165 questions. For each question, there is only one “best” answer, although with some questions, more than one answer is correct. When this occurs, there is always an option that allows the student to choose all the correct answers, e.g., “All of the above” or “Answers (a) and (c) only.”

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